Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Chronicle

I got some great links sent to me as a result of my post on Tuesday and I thought it important to share them, in case anyone else is feeling a little out of sorts.

The first item is a NYT's opinion piece from Pico Iyer, that I received via @Laoch. It's so good, and I hope you'll read it. A taste:
We have more and more ways to communicate, as Thoreau noted, but less and less to say. Partly because we’re so busy communicating. And — as he might also have said — we’re rushing to meet so many deadlines that we hardly register that what we need most are lifelines.
Another item has some relation to what I noticed a lot of people posting on FaceBook and Twitter recently - the 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself@two_isles came across this piece, specific to writers, that she was kind enough to send me (by Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig)). If you write, or want to write, I think you'll get something from it.

The last two pieces are actually video.

Take the time to watch this one. I come back to it often....It's a wonderful reminder - of many things. I feel/learn/see something new every time I watch it.

And finally, this item that I came across via Twitter. The creator, @docmikeevans, also has an incredible YouTube page. What's so amazing about the concept described in this video is the simplicity. The fact that we, as beings, just don't do more of it really blows me away AND tells me how lazy we are (ok - I'm just talking about myself here because I know how darn lazy I am...ugh).

So, it's this last item - and all of these things, really - that I was thinking of this morning on the trail. And I decided that what I would do, as kind of a self-motivator, and as a record keeping tool, is chronicle my daily trail walk by adding to the blog (and my instagram, PokerLawyer there, too) one picture a day from the trail.

The picture will be the chronicle. Whatever does or does not come out word-wise on the blog will just be my as per usual musings. I don't plan on posting on Sunday, and I won't always be in town or able to do the trail (ha - I do actually have meetings/work and it sometimes does rain/get way too cold), but for the most part, the goal is to move and the picture is for motivational/accountability purposes.

The only part I'm not sure of is actually taking the phone on the trail because even if I'm just using it for the camera and one photo, it's still a technological tether that I'm reminded of when it's on my person.  I actually left the phone at home these last three days, so...we'll see.

At any rate, that's what's been on  my mind of late. I'm looking forward to some poker with my buddy @txcardslinger later this month, in Vegas, and I'm hoping I can get two cases settled before then.  Wheeee! Wish me luck ;-)

Oh...almost's the first picture:

Since I didn't have my phone with me this morning, it's a pic of my backyard, but still. I hope you enjoy it because I had to, like, lay on the ground and all that, just to take it.

Have a good day, peeps.



  1. Great videos. Good ideas. Thanks.

  2. Great back yard pic, and great idea to take your phone with you on the trail, as you never know when you might need to make an emergency "tweet"

  3. Thanks for the posts...I need the gratitude reminder more times than I care to admit...and happy new year!

  4. Thanks, dbs! I hope your new year is starting off great =)

    Terry - dude, the whole point is to NOT be tweeting. But, I remembered running into that rattlesnake last year and I thought...whoa, what if I'd been bitten. I COULDA DIED!! Oh, the drama. #PhoneInPocketOnTrailIsOkIGuess

    Kat - I love that video. I'm glad you checked it out. And happy new year to you, too!


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