Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What We Repeatedly Do

What do you do with a blog when you feel as though you really have nothing to say?

The whole "I've got nothing to say" has been on my mind a lot recently. I jumped on Twitter the other day and was really surprised at the number of followers I have there.  I'm flummoxed as to why people follow me and I'm finding that the more people follow me, the less I seem to have to say. Maybe it's stage fright. I should just post a song link and get over it...I'm sure I will (because if you follow me there, you likely already know I often, way-too-often, suffer from foot in mouth stream of consciousness diarrhea...sorry about that).

But what's a poker playing talky girl to do when she's not playing poker, and not doing much of anything, really?

I know the end of the year is supposed to be a time of introspection. A time to think back on what was good and bad, and a time to set goals. But somehow, in the midst of getting the house ready, and having family over, and celebrating Christmas and then the New Year, I failed to make any time for all that. We're into day three here, people, and I still haven't really done it.

Instead, what has been on my mind is how I feel I have nothing to say...and this continual looping thread of a line - "We are what we repeatedly do."

I guess I'm (finally?) coming to the realization that some (much?) of what I've been repeatedly doing is, well, not so good. And I want to change that.

Everybody hates resolutions, right? But goals are important. Having missed my goal in November for NaNoWriMo, I know how important they are (and I also know one thing I'd most definitely like to do, repeatedly, better - follow through on goals *ahem*).

So...here's my stream-of-consciousness-wanting for myself in the New Year: 

Eat better
Be present
Put down the iPhone (or the FaceBook or the Twitter or the TV or the game) more
Walk the loop, every day
Read some more
Be quiet
Get involved
Follow through


And live some more. Repeatedly.

And then, maybe, you'll (me) have something to say.

The specifics, the quantifiable objectives, I'll save for me. But yeah...I think that's the gist of what I'm aiming for this year.

How about you?

And by the way, Happy (belated) New Year!


  1. I hear you with the not much to say. Sometimes I have to ask myself is my life really what people want to read about. Then again I write for myself and if someone follows it is a plus. Keep up with your writing. Enjoy your blog when you write.

  2. http://mobile.nytimes.com/article?a=887478

  3. I'm starting a garden...did I tell you that? I will be able to bring you tomatoes come late Spring/early Summer, and we can talk about my tomatoes.

    God I miss online poker...*sigh* Remember the good ole days when we used to get together and talk poker? How we stressed over our ROI?

    Ok, so now we will talk tomatoes, and "how does your garden grow"...

  4. I made a twitter account where I follow nothing but poker player's, and that's how I ended up following you ;). Great name. Yeah, sometimes we got nothing to say and saying just that will get you going.
    Have a nice day

  5. Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate that you come back to check it out...even when it's quiet around here.

    Laoch, *loved* that link. Included it in yesterday's post, I loved it so much. Perfect. Thanks very much for turning me onto it.

    Terry Gardenia - Pretty soon we can be talking tomatoes over the tables in Vegas! Wheeeeeeeeeee

    Wayi-Nuto - hey thanks for stopping by. What's your twitter handle? I'll follow back!

  6. No problem,ty.


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