Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Goals...screw that, just bring on the POKER!

This is the obligatory New Year's "serenity" picture
After all this time I bet you guys thought I was never gonna post again!  Blasphemy!

So...we went to Germany for the holidays and stayed with family for 16 whole days...ahem...therefore, while Germany was wonderful, you can imagine how we all got on each other's nerves.  Thank God we're family and hopefully everyone can recuperate by summertime so we can do it all over again (insert evil laugh and grin here my BFF SIL).*

 All I know is I go away for a few weeks and everything changes in the poker world.  Annie and Phil have left UB.  We're about to find out who Isildur1 is (whatever, can't even be bothered to figure out how to spell that).  Sebock** (maybe?  maybe not?  Either way, not too shabby, hombre) is sharing the pleasures of manscaping.  Harry Reid still can't get legislation passed.  Daniel Negreanu is judging yet another person about their life choices.  Wait a minute...ok, maybe some things haven't changed.

At any rate, here's hoping that 2011 will be a banner year for everyone.  What are your goals for the new year?  What are you doing to achieve those goals?  If you're planning to fly by the seat of your pants, I wish you well.  I generally do that, too, but am still working on my discipline which shall, forthwith, include, but shall in no manner be limited to, the following:

  1. The continued blogging of  my travails (poker and otherwise) as the year progresses;
  2. The persistent study of the game of NLHE poker via videos, books, regular play, @thewaxslinger***, and maybe a course with The Maven;
  3. Testing the limits of stake-age and higher limit MTTs (with my pahdna @thewaxslinger)
  4. Participation in live events, with at least one "travel out of town" tournament a month til the WSOP;
  5. Oh my gosh I've gotta go on a diet;
  6. Two weeks at this year's WSOP because I'm playing the ME baby (when I sat into it or sell enough pieces, that is); and last, but not least,
  7. Love.  Love.  Love.  Love. Crazy Love.  CanNOT forget that.
My daughter's currently in a Hip Hop dance class (JAZZ HANDS!), Basketball, and Tumbling, and she rocks at all of it.  Plus, the day job and my Bahbee must receive fair recompense.'s gonna be a great year people.  I hope for you, too!

Tell me what you're doing to improve your game, your life, your...sandwich?  I love hearing your comments and really appreciate that you take the time to write them.

Until next time, good luck at the tables, amigos.  And - Happy New Year!

* If you are reading this my BFF SIL, leave a comment. Luz you!
** Please, did you really think I would link to that??  My mom reads this blog!!
*** You really should start following her on twitter already.


  1. Yes, always enjoy your blogs and following you on twitter. My goals, Play better poker and try to increase my stock portfolio so I can spend more time at the tables. Would love to play in the ME at the WSOP.

  2. Hi Steve, I always appreciate your comments - thanks a bunch for reading here and on twitter. I'm wishing you luck on both your poker and your portfolio this year, and on the dream (yours AND mine!) of playing the ME.


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