Saturday, May 21, 2011

Favorite Things

I've been laid up the last few days due to some dental work I had to get done. While that's never fun, it's given me the chance to do some of the things I love most:

Turning off the cell phone.

Sleeping, lounging in bed, taking naps.

Waking up in the middle of the day, still in bed, picking up the book I fell asleep to and reading a few more pages before nodding back off.

Reading and sending crazy-ass tweets.

Playing goofy games, like WWFs, where @Grange95, @PokerVixen, @PokerScar, and too many others to count, keep kicking my ass.

Shuffling and fast forwarding through my music. Somebody really needs to make something epic...and I don't think it's coming from any of these Idol contestants.  Adele is awesome if you're looking for something good.

Snuggling with my baby girl.  She finally lost her tooth and the tooth fairy left her a nice chunk a change. Which I promptly borrowed for Pho soup take out. Booya!  Mother of the Year material, I tell ya.

I figured since today might be a day of rapture, I should get presentable. So, I rolled out of bed, showered and went to see the folks. Mom cooked a kick-ass breakfast that I basically had to gum (it was worth it) and since my deeply loved Ant Carol was also in town, we played a little MahJongg. I can't wait to go to Vegas with these two.  Let's be honest - I can't wait to go to Vegas, period!

And, since baby girl had a birthday party to attend today, I got to spend some lazy hours playing a little poker, still hopped up on pain meds, and it turned out good! I played three tourneys on Bodog.  One was a $2 rebuy, I was in for $8 large and came in 2nd - wheee! Crashed and burned one, and had a "lucky draw" ticket that gave me a chance to win a seat into their Sunday $100k Guaranteed. There were around 300 runners in this one and 60 got seats - lucky me, I was one of them. So, looks like I'll be playing some pokers again tomorrow. 

All this typing and twittering has me tuckered out so I'm going to get back to my comfort zone - lounging in bed...reading and sending crazy tweets, hopped up on pain meds.  Gotta enjoy it while I can!

Have a great rest of the weekend =)


  1. One really hates the dentist. Good luck in your tournament.

  2. Hi Laoch (still shaggy haired?). Please remind me never to post while drugged. ps - I really dislike the dentist, too.

  3. And here I was feeling sorry for you because of your dental surgery....sounds like pure heaven to me...maybe I need a little surgery...

  4. Let's see. Drugs, sleeping, reading, poker, more drugs, more sleeping....

  5. We have our priorities right, Terry. ;)


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