Sunday, May 15, 2011

Live Poker

Robert Spencer via NYT
Is the ish.  It's fun. It's social. It's challenging. It makes you think.

I told you yesterday that I found some new games as a result of playing in last weekend's tournament. Last night's game ($1/$3) was a blast - dealers, drinks, dinner, masseuse, safe and friendly. I sat next to one of my elected representatives and across from a couple of dentists at a 10-handed table. I bought in for $200 but most bought in for $500.

I had some great results over four hours but got in trouble when I got dealt As for the 5th (I'm not kidding) time, this time in the SB. I'd grown my stack from $200 to nearly $700, and had just mentioned that "maybe I should leave now!"

Nearly a family pot limps to me, and I pop it to $45, two callers. Flop comes K8x and I lead out for $100. One fold, next guy insta-shoves. I look at him and know he's got a set. I ask him if he's got a set. He just looks at me, pretty much telling me yes, he's got a set. I know better than to call here, but you guessed it, I called.  I don't know why. I just heard every instinct telling me to fold, and I ignored it. So, instead of leaving a really big winner (for me, anyway), I had to learn a really easy lesson the hard way. 

Looking forward to next week.


  1. I try to always listen to that little voice inside my head. When ever I do not I always regret it.

  2. Laoch, I've probably replayed that hand ten times an hour every hour since Saturday night. Sigh...

  3. Why can't we listen to that voice? You knew EXACTLY what he had, yet couldn't give them up. I'm the same makes you want to shove every time you get them pre-flop, so the guy with 88 will fold and not draw out on you...

    Have you folded them before in that situation? I had a set of aces once, and the guy pretty much told me what he had, a straight, yet I couldn't give them up...we're so bad.


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