Thursday, May 26, 2011


In the aftermath of Black Friday, if there's any joy to be had in Mudville these days, I guess it's that the summer is upon us and the series is right around the corner (and that Representative Joe Barton has gone on record stating that he will introduce legislation that would "legalize and regulate online poker in the US".  I called his DC office and was told something will be available for review soon.  When asked to clarify "soon," I was told two weeks, so...).  And, Twitter is abuzz with people making their plans and gearing up for all the events.  I can't wait (I say, as though I've got a chance, which I do, and which I will never stop believing)!

I've been making my list and checking it twice as I gear up for my trip to the hole-ly land come June 27 and I think I've got my schedule pretty set.  Now to just keep the bankroll intact and to prepare for being away from home and from my loves for two whole weeks.  That's a lot of time and I'm a pretty selfish pig for taking advantage of it.  BUT.  I have a plan, and that plan is to win.  And to bring the spoils home to then spoil those that let me pursue my dream and live this life that I'm really quite blessed to live.

That's the plan, anyway.

In the meantime, whether you're making plans for a summer of poker, or just making plans for a summer of fun, I hope it's a really good one for you.

Cheers! xoxoxo


  1. It's pretty toasty in Las Vegas at that time of the year. Bring sunscreen.

  2. Good idea, Laoch. Although I must say, I don't plan on spending much (if any?!) time outside. How sad, right?

  3. There is always a spare moment for pool time (especially if coupled with the obligatory frozen alcoholic libation.)


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