Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Musica

I left a comment on @Laoch's blog the other day (which I found by way of @HellaChella's blog - if you like to think and laugh, you should totally follow them as quickly as possible). Laoch was repairing his digital library and asked about favorite songs.  I left a comment and then spent the afternoon enjoying a lot of music from my past.  Yesterday, however, I realized that I had left two very important songs off my all-time favorites list. 

The first song is Volver, Volver by the legendary Vincente Fernandez.  I want you to imagine you have just, finally, after long-last, been dumped by the love of your life. This is the one with whom you had great, mind-blowing sex but then treated like shit because the intensity of your feelings for them scared you to death.  Fed up with your selfish crap, they finally kicked you to the curb.  You tried to get on with your life, partying it up with no avail.  Finally, after months of mindless trysts and nightclub debauchery, you find yourself alone, closing down another nameless bar.  There you sit, an empty tequila bottle in front of you and another bottle half-gone. You definitely can't see straight, but you can sure still feel the heart ache as you pour out your grief to the only guy still listening - the bartender.  And so you start to tell him - all I want to do is go back...

The vid I really want you to see is linked in the song's title above, but here's next best:

Now my friend Bill (@PokerCurious) took me to task, saying the words were nonsense (and that I am wasting my days on Twitter blahblahblah). Pshaw...  Remember, we are on a months-long bender and have ended up, after a bottle and a half of tequila, crying to the bartender.  As we cry, and remember our love, *this* is what we are saying:

This passionate love, is beside itself, to return.
I'm on the road to madness and although everything tortures me, I know love
We parted ways some time ago But it's time to lose

You had every reason, I hear my heart and I'm dying to return
And come back, back to your arms again, arrive where you are
I know how to lose, I know how to lose, I long to go back, back, back
We parted ways so long ago ago, But now it's time to lose

You had every reason, I hear my heart and I'm dying to return
And come back, back to your arms again, arrive where you are

I know how to lose, I know how to lose, I long to go back, back, back.

My other overlooked favorite is Luis Miguel's Si Nos Dejan. I don't know if it's his eyes, the horns, the intensity of the way he sings, or what, but I adore this song.

And here's what he's saying:
If they let us, We will love each other for our whole lives
If they let us, We will go and live into a brand new world
I believe that we can see The breaking Of a new day
I believe that you and I Can still be happy

If they let us, We will seek for a little corner, close to heaven
If they let us, We will make velvet out of the clouds
And there, being together And very near God
We will become what we always dreamt of
If they let us, I will hold your hand, my love
And I'll take us there

If they let us, We will forget about everything else - If they let us
I fell in love with both these songs before I ever knew what they were saying.  Interesting, the power of music.  So, taking a page from Laoch, I now ask you - do you have a favorite song?  If so, what is it? And, why?


  1. One of my all-time favorite songs is the theme from "The Sting" by Scott Joplin because I knew that my dad liked it when he saw the movie. My parents had the album and listened to it, and I loved that theme music. To this day, it's one of my favorite memories of my dad. He was a gambler (horses, poker) and a stockbroker, and the song just seemed to fit him. :)

  2. Love this story, Jen. Thanks for sharing it =)

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories! You inspired me to find my song on the internet and energize me for the day.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that video. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would go to all my friends' mexican weddings, and the mariaches would always sing that song. I never knew what it was,but loved it. I knew this song, and would always request it:

  5. Terry - oh, that's a good one! I totally want to drink in this hot sun until it sets. Then, once the stars come out and we're good and drunk, we grab J and M and make them slowdance with us.

    Then we do the chicken dance. Yeah, ok, maybe no chicken dance.

  6. For a long time my favorite song was Bob Dylan's, "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again," which shows that I am old and kind of contrary since I actually like Mobile better than Memphis in real life.

  7. That is a *great* song, Laoch! I wonder if you'll like this version by Cat Powers?


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