Monday, March 28, 2011

Grindage Report

So I was looking at my blog today trying to figure out what to write. I mean, there's only so much that can be said about poker... 

Given that I've got no good gossip or scandaliciousness, I guess a poker update will have to do. 

I blogged on February 21st, reporting that I was starting my "program," planning my work and working my plan - playing set MTTs each week (Monday-Wednesdays, and Sundays).

From, February 22 thru today, I've played 186 tournaments on three different sites (Stars, FullTilt, and Bodog).  The end result is that FullTilt apparently hates me, Bodog seems to like me, and Stars is just a damn tease.  Here's the breakdown:

Total Buyins = $1589.00
Wins = $2758.80
Profits = $1169.80 

108 Tourneys
Buyins = $657
Wins = 1080.30
Profits = 423.30

48 Tourneys
Buyins = $285
Wins = 119.09
Profits = -165.91

30 Tourneys
Buyins = $647
Wins = 1678.50
Profits = 1031.50

I started off playing a lot more tourneys per day than I am now, beginning each day at 8:00 a.m.  There are some good tourneys early, but it was too much of a stretch for me to jump out of bed, get my daughter up, breakfasted, and ready for school, drop her off and then immediately hit the grind.  Now, after I drop my girl off, I hit the trail to get the blood flowing and usually hit the grind at about 9:30 a.m.  I'm usually done by 5ish, sometimes earlier if poker hates me that day.

I'm feeling good about my play but I've yet to hit a really big score (none of the above scores include a win in any large field MTT, many top 15s, a few top 2s, but not one WIN!), and obviously that's the goal.  The one thing I do feel improving is my emotional control.  It's an aspect I've just really got to work on and I'm finding it very interesting just what tilts me.  As getting cracked sucks, but I sometimes let little things get to me and I've got to get that under control.  I think volume does help with that because there's nothing to be done other than PLAY ON in the face of bad (and good) beats.  And, since poker is just one long, never ending game, that actually makes perfect sense.

So, I guess this is update No. 1  Now, it's time for NURSE JACKIE and US of TARA (woot!)

Until next time, good luck at the tables!



  1. I absolutely LOVE United States of Tara... but not as much as I love that you're in the black. WOOOOOO HOOOOO for you & your profit!!! GO GO GO!

    I've been reading "Harrington on Cash Games" (very good stuff, btw) and hopefully, it will bring ME back down to Earth so I can get out of the red too... You're my hero(ine)!! Keep up the good (hard) work, toots.

  2. Great job! Those are very good stats for MTT cuz you larger the field, bigger the variance is! You hit the jackpot with being under control. If u get a bad bead but you multitabling you focus on the next game and move one, thats a good way to avoid every poker player kriptonite, Uncle Tilt.

    Keep up with the good work at the tables and keep crushing those fields at Bodog. You know Full Tilt and Stars are a different animal ;)


  3. Way to go on your play. Looks like your doing well. I got so I liked PS more than FT when I was able to play them. You are putting in the time and that is what is important.

  4. Thank you Kim and Jose Luis and Steve!! Appreciate your comments, amigos. Rough day at the office today, but I'll hit it again tomorrow. =)

  5. I LOVE Bodog (after today)....although I should have taken 1st, it just wasn't meant to be...but at least I cashed. Thanks for turning me on to it.

    I need to find balance at the final table. Balance between being aggressive with chip lead, and not TOO aggressive. Maybe we can work on that this week..I'm so glad you are cashing more and more...WTG You are in inspiration...

    Your poker posse...

  6. interesting, had no idea anyone played on bodog lol. i think you're the first person i've heard mention it! would you say the fields are much softer than FTP or PS?

    your stats look really good, your grindage is clearly working! do you focus on a particular type of tourn (i.e. 90mans, 180mans) or all MTTs?

  7. Hey groupie - I wouldn't say that the fields are softer on Bodog (there are actually some really high earning players who grind there), , it's just that the fields are smaller. For example, on Sundays they have a $162 $100k gtd tourney. This past Sunday, it only had 577 runners.

    My stats show that I've got a good roi in the $2.20 90-mans so I think of them as my bread and butter and will play one or two occasionally, but I'm usually focusing exclusively on the larger field MTTS.

    I'm glad I didn't write this post today b/c pokers was just UGLY. Gotta keep reminding myself: "one long, never-ending game" and hit it again tomorrow. Sigh.

  8. @Terry - Dude. You didn't just cash - you rocked that final table!! NICE JOB! Signed, *your* poker posse. =)

  9. Nice work! Sounds like you are on the right track for what your goals are!
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be watching fir your updates too.
    Cash me out!

  10. time for a new post...xoxo

  11. I found this blog from a cross-blog posting. Great blog you have here! In light of Black Friday, are you still playing on Bodog? Do you have a different bankroll approach now, to avoid seizure of funds by the DOJ? What is your screen name?


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