Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Fate of Online Poker...uh...still up in the air

UPDATE #1 - nevermind...for now?
UPDATE #2 (7:04pm CST) -  Per Scarlet, expect it to live or die by week's end...follow her to stay informed.

I tried my hand at poker animation and it failed miserably next to these guys.  Given my usual poker hand, that was standard, obv.

I direct you to that link in the hopes it will alleviate some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that seems to be occurring as we wait and see what's going to happen to online poker (did you know when you Google 'online poker' Doyle's Room comes up first?  Wow...seo).

So.  Is the gnashing and wailing well founded?  Are recent events converging to deprive me of my own Mega Million poker (pipe) dream? Shut up. I already know Harry Reid's the least of my problems.

Rather than try to add my harebrained take on things, I'll point you to those that are doing it well:

F-Train has read, re-read, redlined, outlined, and lawyerized the regs and digested them into enjoyable bite sized morsels of poker info goodness.

Scarlet_lv has created a terrific hotlist for all things related to the Reid Bill, otherwise known as PIGIPRSUA, or 'piggiewannasignew' for stupid inside joke shorter.

Stuart Hoegner, of course,  is always a dapper font of information, man.

The Poker Players Alliance is recommending players get involved by calling 202-224-3121 and letting your Senator know you support poker. 

And of course, folks on the forums and the twitters have very interesting and sometimes very educated viewpoints on the subject.  There are also many other sources for info, most of which Scarlet has on her hotlist, so I apologize for not specifically including everyone here but she and Pokerati have got 'em there.

Enter the discussion!
I want to hear from some of you serious online bankrolled phenoms...are you withdrawing your funds already?  Making plans to do so soon?  Watching and waiting?

Fingers crossed and good luck at the tables, peeps.


  1. Hi PokerLawyer..yes I am withdrawing my funds..all of them. I'm scairt somebody will get em. OK, bye you Mom xoxo

  2. why don't you write another blog where u make a movie. i want to see I Haz Something


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