Friday, October 15, 2010


So here I sit in my Golden Sierra hotel room having just busted out of the noon event a mere 2 seconds before the first break.  I'm not kidding.  Half the table had walked away because the clock was down to 2 seconds and I had just asked, "so, are we on break?"

Dealer had already started shuffling and said he had to deal.  Cards come and I look down at two 7s.  Half the table's gone. I'm UTG and I raise...thinking to myself - "do not go broke right before the break."

Button raises and SB calls.  BB's already hoofed it to the restroom or coffee.  I've got great odds so I call, too.

Flop comes J7T.  Wheee!  Beautiful set on a scary board.

SB bets pretty large and I just call (first mistake?).  Button calls, too.

Turn card is an even uglier 8, which is why I didn't raise when SB leads out again for 2/3 pot.  But...right there...that's when I should've moved all-in or folded.  I mean, come on, the hand's not likely to get any better and can only get worse.

Button folds. 

River brings an A and when SB leads out again, I stupidly, stupidly, stupidly move all in to donate chips to the SB with KQ in his hand.

Oh how I wish I had that one back.  Oh how I wish I'd just left the table as half the others had done.  Oh how I wish I'd gone all-in on the turn.  Oh how I wish I'd spent more time thinking about his hand than my own. Oh how I wish...

So, the trip still continues.  I'll play the mega-satellite tonight and hope to make it through the field of x players, 4000 in chips and 20 minute blinds (pretty much a turbo), all trying to win their seats into tomorrow's $1080 Main Event.

I'm now 2-5 tourneys in this series and up $1490.

Lessons learned: bet when you have the best of it.  Do not try to get fancy.  Straightforward poker is winning poker.  Scared poker is stupid (bunch of curse words) losing poker.

I never, ever like to lose.  In fact, I hate losing's guts and livers.  I hate losing due to poor play on my part even more.

The good thing is, the next hand is only hours away.  This one's over and done. 

As always, your comments, critiques, and sharing of strategy is always welcome and appreciated.

Until next time, I hope you're running good.  Good luck at the tables and thanks for reading this. 


  1. Ouch that sucks. Sounds like you're doing pretty good overall on your trip.

    Any hands you remember you thought you played exceptionally well?

  2. Always ruff going out like that. As you say there is another tourney right around the corner. Sounds like you are learning from the mistakes and as long as you don't do them again you will be fine. Hang in there. Pulling for you.

  3. Broadway-ish boards are really tricky and dangerous to try and get value from. Kind of a sick beat tho. Keep on trucking PL :)

  4. You have the right attitude - more poker players should always try to improve their game and not worry about bad beats - sounds like you are doing well - congrats!!!

  5. When flopping the set always bet it out, or raise with it. :)


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