Friday, October 8, 2010

I Haz Chips

What? I couldn't sleep.

I'd like to thank @MyYearOfPoker for inspiring this monstrosity and @Street3 for some of the (definitely the only sensible) dialogue.

*yawn* Good luck at the tables, peeps.


  1. This is the funniest stuff I ever heard. I know you were dying laughing when you did this, weren't you! I love you, Mom xoxo

  2. Excuse me, but I heard it was bonquiqui rude not to respond when someone comments on your blog. Mom xoxoxoxo

  3. Yes - it is bonquiqui rude. This is a crazy video, huh? And all based on your life story. Did you see how I was sticking up for you? ;-)

    Also, what do you think of the new blog layout? Too cluttered?

  4. No I like it. And yes thank you for taking up for your Moms. You are a great daughter. When I get home you are going to have to come over and show me how you did that. Plan on spending the whole morning as I have a lot of questions for you and want to attempt one of my own. Possible? Mom xoxo

  5. OMG - created a monster, I fear. Be forewarned, you will likely be the subject of (another) blogpost or video. Just staying!

  6. Proud to be ruining the sleep patterns of generations of PokerLawyers and their moms.


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