Monday, September 26, 2011

Date Night When You Have Kids

Before my daughter was born, I worked in an office with floor to ceiling windows, co-workers, a break room, and an IT department that catered to our every technology need. 

I remember a conversation with a co-worker one morning, as I waited for the magic coffee machine to create my perfect cup of morning joe. 

"Kids are great. They are, but...just make sure you make time for each other. My husband and I try to have date nights, but it's hard. It's important, though, so do it. Ok? Do it!" said Elizabeth, with a touch of what I thought sounded like desperation. 

I think I laughed and said ok and I'm sure I did an inside eye-roll at the thought of needing to schedule a date night.

Fast forward six years and I'm no longer eye-rolling, unless you count the eye-roll I give myself thinking on that memory. 

Date nights are important. So if you're setting sail from that shore I left six years ago, let me share something with you: "Make sure you make time for each other. Date nights are hard to make time for but they're important, ok? So do it. OK? Do it!" 

And remember - date nights are not supposed to look like this:

Otherwise, your date night ends up costing more than any casual Friday night date the two of you would have spent on each other!

Sadly, having just received an email from school, I speak from experience...

Come on!!!



  1. I think that's about the only auction item we really wanted to win...See, the other parents let us down by not signing in after we went through the aisles. We were *not* planning on winning any of that stuff. Ugh...I guess it's for a good cause.


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