Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Are We Still A Nation of Sneetches?

I found this video really moving...

You can find out a little more about Mr. Thurston at his web page.

For reference, The Sneetches is a book by Dr. Seuss.


  1. Very true indeed. Thanks sweetie. I am very big up on the promotion of Civil & Political Rights for all.
    Suzi x

  2. I was so sure, when I saw the headline on my blogroll, that you'd be citing Diamond in the Back

    I was always taught to use my manners with the meesses -- But please,
    Stay away from the wh*'*s and sneetches
    And I was always reached for the sky,
    I don't know why
    I'm a little bitty kid wit' a whole buncha gangsta weeshes

    Which I only mention now because I happen to love the song, even if it now, having read the post in full, it seems a little racist for me to mention ganstas, etc. :-P

    My Dad was a Freedom Rider, although regardless I like this a lot. I'm sending this to video on to him -- his older sister isn't doing well right now -- and I'm sure it'll cheer him up a little.

    I hope you saw the White House Correspondence Dinner from Saturday, especially Seth Meyer's Trump part, though both Seth's and Mr. Presidents sets were quite good. Obama grinned a mile wide when Meyers made an OBL joke and now we know why! USA! USA!!

  3. Suzi and Conan - You guys are the BOMB! I'd never heard that song, Conan, but I love me some Ludacris so thanks for sharing. Also, that's impressive re your Dad and I hope his sister gets to feeling better soon.

    And, yes, I did see S Meyer's video, especially the part where the Donald is just sitting there having to take the jokes and can't even bring himself to crack a smile, nod his head, raise a fist, nothing...which kinda proved just how dead on the jokes were. If his presidential foray isn't dead yet, I hope it will be soon. This nation doesn't need anymore clowns in office. USA, indeed!!


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