Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I See You Laughing...

I say, in Pokers, it's better to be laughing than crying.  You know what I'm talking about.  You've been playing your best poker for 6-8 solid hours.  You're in a zone, focused, zen.  You've made it to the final table and are holding your own. Sure, you're short stacked.  You ain't skairt. Nuh uh. You. Are. The. ShortStack. Ninja.  Bring it on, brothers.

Then, boom!  You look down at Qs. 17bbs. Ship it, baby!

Sure.  Ship it on out.

Or.  You've taken your hits, but you're hanging strong.  Looking for the opportunity to double up and get back in the game. Not backing down, but exercising patience and discipline. Mindful of stacks and how your equity is slipping with each passing orbit.

Then, boom! You look down at Ks. You're in the CO and there's a bit of action in front of you. It's still early, but you've already lost almost half your stack.  So...when the two villians (one the mondo cL w/ VP$P/PFR of 49/9 and the SB w/ 29/0) get frisky, you're happy to play along. 25bbs? Aw, yeah...Ship it, baby!

Aw, yeah!  Wait...oh, ok. Ship it on out.

Or. You're on the bubble. Yes, you want to make the money, but want you really want, what you can almost taste, is that final table.  The only way to do that is to chip, chip, chip it up. So, you're in the 26bbs frame of play. You're UTG. You look look down at ducks.  Sweet, let's make it look like Aces! If it's good enough for Vanessa Selbst, it's good enough for me, baby.  Let's do this! So, we...

Sigh.  Ok.  I'm not Vanessa Selbst.  Next!

Ok, we go.  We're good here.  No more wackiness UTG w/ ducks.  Let's teach this 26/6 SB a lesson!

Hmmm....maybe not.


EDIT - one things for sure, I'm not playing near enough.  I should be averaging 120-150 tourneys/week.

So, yeah.  That's about how this month has been going.  Also, when I really study those plays, I realize how much I've really got to learn in this game.  Work is a good thing.  Builds character.  Besides, there's still a lot of time left in this month to turn it around.

I hope you guys are all running over your tables! But, not when I'm on 'em.

Later gators. =)

Oh, almost forgot, @PokerCurious sent me a link to a great post that I wanted to share with the rest of you folks loving on the pokers.  Enjoy (and follow him)! 


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