Monday, March 7, 2011

Last One In...First One Out

Goose: Yeeha, Jester's dead!
Wolfman: Won this bulls***?
Goose: Didn't everybody?
Hollywood: Hell no, man. We got our butts kicked.
Wolfman: Thirty seconds. We went like this, he went like that. I said to Hollywood, "Where'd he go?" Hollywood says, "Where'd whooooo go?"
Hollywood: Yeah, and he's laughing at us, right on the radio, he's laughing at us.

OMG, as cheesy as it was, Top Gun is one of my all-time favorite movies.  And I was reminded of it this past weekend after sitting maaaaybe five minutes into my league poker game and busting on the 4th hand.  Mainly because I felt just like Wolfman, "We went like this, he went like that...." and BOOM, I was outta there.

Karmic-ly, I went out on a similar hand to what I busted S the week before (I raise AQo on the button after 5 people limp.  One caller w/ QT.  Turn brought him an A-high straight, while I just had TP..."where'd whoooo go???" And...scene).  I could have laid down the hand and been short, but my thinking when the river paired the board was: "the only way I'm going to win this hand is if I shove."  Nice guy tanked and tanked and gave me credit for AK, but made a good call with the best hand and that was all she wrote. I titled the blog "Last One in...First One Out" because I got to the tourney late, was the last one to arrive and was walking out the door within fifteen minutes of getting there.  Curse words here.

Other than that, there's not much to report on the poker front.  Absent a saving tournament yesterday, I'd be slightly down on my MTT challenge.  Since February 22, I'm playing, on average, nine tournaments a day.  Out of the nine days I've played, I've had two winning days.  And my bankroll is up to $3500.  I've still not made a top three score, and that's the only goal there is, so I'm a little bummed with that.  But, playing like this has really helped me to stop being so results oriented.  And that's a good thing.  I'm focusing solely on playing the absolute best poker I can play, results be damned, and that can only help my game.  That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

One other thing I'm doing is playing two or three tables of cash at the end of each day, depending on how early I bust out of MTTs, and I've started a bit of a challenge with these.  John Kim has an excellent blog and in a recent post, he's started a challenge of winning 100 buyins at the $5/$10 nl stake. I like goals, too, and so I figured it would be a good motivator for me to try the same at my $.10/$.25 nl stake.  I usually buy in at $20 a pop, playing 6max.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Last but not least - who'll be in Vegas this summer for the series?  I will be!!  And I booked my room last week - wheeee!  @EvryDaySaturday and my aunt, will once again, be making the trip with me and I can't wait.  We'll be there from June 27 through July 7.  Who else is planning to be there?  I hope we can have a Twitter get-together because I'd love to meet up with you guys.

In the meantime, I hope you're running good and running over your tables.  Good luck, amigos.




  1. I'll be making several trips throughout the summer since I can drive there in 4 hours, so I'll be sure to arrange something while you're there. Drinks are certainly in order!

  2. Well, thought I might be there...what ya think????


  3. You mean in Vegas? Of course - but that's a given, partner! =) I'll be more explicit next time.

  4. I'll be in LV from the 4th through 8th of July. Playing in the $1500 on the 5th and hopefully the 6th & 7th. If, in the unlikely event I bust out on the first day, I'll probably play in a few of the Bellagio tournaments. I've been reading your comments on the home game. It doesn't sound like a very friendly group. Not my type of game. But...I might give it a try. E-mail me again when the next tournament is scheduled.

  5. Hi Poker Guy! I sent you a Facebook message re: this weekend's game.


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