Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Importance of Choosing the Right Online Poker Avatar

When sitting down to play poker online for the first time, it is important that you convey an image of confidence, know-how, and fearlessness.  Because, generally, you don't actually sit down at a table when you're playing online (unless you have one in front of your couch, bed, or near your toilet), it is imperative that your avatar - or screen image - convey those attributes.  One very well-spoken commentator and twitter professional (Street3), put in some extensive research on the subject, which you can find here and here.

Quite unexpectedly, Street3's educational information came in handy when I stopped by my mom's house today.

Mom plays online poker at Bodog.  She has played so much free money poker that, prior to the site changing its rules, she was able to exchange points for a pretty nice little bankroll and with some judicious playing, she's now sitting at a whopping $1,317,000.00 in (play) dollars.

As we know, image is everything, even at play money tables. For the longest time, Mom's avatar has been a very attractive young lady sunbathing by a pool; and, of late, it's really been hindering her game.  It took some time, but she finally came to see that the scantily clad model pic was garnering her no respect from her opponents.  And this was costing her untold thousands of (play) dollars.  For that reason, she forced me enlisted my help in creating an image that would convey just the right tone for an online (play money) poker professional.

The photo shoot was difficult.  I don't know how many (play money) poker professionals you know, but I'm sure you can imagine they have pretty big egos.  Location, lighting, touch's all critical.  It took some time, but we finally got it right.  Here are some of the really stunning, but not quite right, photos that didn't make the cut:

Personally, I liked the monkey butler, as it does convey strength.  Basketballs on a tray can be quite heavy. 

Monchhichis are very cunning and deceptively strong creatures. I think it's safe to say that we all know to look out for them anywhere we find them, much less at a (play money) poker table.

And, of course, aside from a Royal or Straight Flush, quads are pretty much the ultimate, so this image was also quite compelling.

At long last, Mom went with what is now her twitter avatar...which is a little familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

It was tough, but purposeful, work.  And in the end, I think we got it right.  We can't show you everything about how the magic was made, but a little insight probably won't hurt:

Now that you understand the importance of choosing the right online poker avatar for you, I wish you the very best of luck in your games.  Go get 'em!!


  1. Well I just don't know what to say...but I think you are making light of the fact that I spent some time to do a very important project. (BonQuiQui Rude) I will cut yew. But I do love you. Mom xoxo

    P.S. and you didn't even use the picture I finally chose to go with

  2. *think* I'm making light of this issue?

    Dangit, I'm never gonna be a real writer...

  3. Come on Mom (Saturday), that is some Priceless, REAL art so go with the butler! And besides, you don't want everyone thinking that your daughter is a copycat or something awful like that, do you?


    Booga a.k.a. David Topazian

  4. Hi Booga - I liked the Monkey Butler too!

  5. hi pokerlawyer, are you able to contact me?

  6. Dear Poker Lawyer, I have over $4,500,000 in my free money acct. at bodog. Can you help with my avatar as it is now only a single domino, as my handle is boneyard. I feel the need to create an intimidating pic, I'm thinking a sumo Conan, and I don't mean O'brien. Your thoughts? Thanking you in advance, Pops. ps. no monkeys please.

  7. I love this post! Choosing the right avatar is a must when playing online poker!

  8. Dad. Do you really have $4,500,000 in play money?! You rock! Oh you know I can help you with your avatar. I'm good like that. It's how I roll.

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