Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Haz Lyric (envy)

So I'm thinking the audition tonight may go something like this:

Yeah.  Sorry.  This isn't even funny.  But I'm posting it because it took a minute to make.  And all the dead space at the end, um....Just ignore it.  (The three of you who watch it).  =)

For a real songstress, check out my niece:

The two guys who come on to support in this video are my brother and his bidness partner. Their bidness? Um, the town doctors...who secretly wish they were rappers.

I hope to update the blog with an actual poker post soon but all I've been doing is losing of late and that's just not fun.  Maybe something interesting will come of it, though.  Good luck at the tables, peeps!


  1. That was so good, don't cha think. I have very talented children, and grandchildren. Love you, Mom xoxo

  2. y u no rite sumsin new mom xoxo

  3. That was SO sweet...and funny!! we really enjoyed it...miss y'all


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