Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wait

It's one hundred twenty fifty ninety steps from my house to Lainey's.  Sometimes I can make it in less if I run my fastest and jump at just the right spot at the rock ledge. 

Pashoom! I'm a rocket ship blasting off and I jump over the trees and zoom by Mamaw's and I zoom my engine really loud over her pool where she's painting and she drops her paintbrush when she hears my engine roar and it falls in the water and turns it pink and purple.

Then I do a cannonball turn and a spin quickfast like the rocknrollin rollercoaster and land on my tiptoes right at Lainey's front door.  It shakes the windows if I do it too much, though.  Plus, it scares Mamaw and Rocco can't really keep up when I go that fast. They're not done eating anyway or else Lainey would have already come out by now.

I think I remember where we can find that frog in the backyard.  I don't think dogs like to eat frogs but I hope not because I saw Rocco sniffing around by the pond and I really don't want him to eat it and get warts or have one growing inside his belly.  I wonder why a dog would eat a frog anyway.  They don't smell very good and they just eat bugs so they couldn't taste very good...could they? 

Maybe frogs eat grass.  What is grass made of anyway?  I wonder if there's like a family of grass people and I'm sitting on their house and they were eating dinner and I just smashed the table and now the baby is looking at his momma wondering where his spaghetti just went.  That would be horrible!  I hope there's not any grass people that I just smashed their house. I'm glad I'm not sitting on an ant bed, that's for sure.  Every time I get an ant bit it just itches and itches and that pink stuff only works for a little while, but it never really does stop itching until the bump just finally goes away.  Ant bits are the worst.

If I were Rocco I would sit in Lainey's swing all day and look at clouds and watch cars go by.  I'm glad Lainey's dad fixed the swing because it was very hard to play pirate without a ship and the missing boards made it hard for all of us to fit and I was sick and tired of always being the one to walk the plank.  That was not fair at all because I was the only one who could ever find the treasure.  And not just one jewel but the whole chest of golden diamonds and the princess crown and that's the only thing that matters anyway.  It's not my fault that Lainey's mom sat on her princess crown and broke it. 

This is taking ForEVer. I'm just gonna go knock on the door and if...hey!  Finally!  "Lainey! I think that frog is still in the backyard!  Wanna see if we can find it?  We better go quick fast though because I saw Rocco sniffing around by the pond...."

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