Monday, August 23, 2010

The Line of Least Resistance

"Too many girls follow the line of least resistance -- but a good line is hard to resist"                                                                                                                          Mae West

It took some time (no, not UB HH time and no I'm not equating these two issues), but I did finally get a response from PokerStars regarding my email to them about Negreanu's recent comments about Annie Duke.  I received it yesterday evening and I waited to blog about it because I wanted to give PokerStars the courtesy of having time to tell me whether they would oppose my linking to the email exchange here.

After another 24 hours or so, I got that permission.(Full disclosure, I initially published this post - with some different content - moments before I got PokerStars' follow up email)

Here's PokerStars' secondary email to me (from the initial exchange I blogged about in an earlier post); my response; and, their follow up email 

And that's pretty much the end of it.  

On that note, we now return to our regularly scheduled program.  For me that will entail grinding microstakes, building my bankroll, and working on getting better at poker...I've definitely got a lot of work to do in that regard.  

I think FullTilt's got some kind of Twitter Poker Tour Tournament going on. Maybe Doyle Brunson's room, too.

Later peeps and good luck at the tables.


  1. Whilst I believe ol Tanner was Bill Clinton's mouthpiece, it must have taken him all of those 24 hours to write that gibberish! Pops

  2. You did a good thing.

  3. well, you've made a new friend at least.
    annie duke included your email in her blog.
    does this mean you get a super user account at ub or did she steal your email too?

  4. Anonymous 5:59, I don't know Annie Duke and she doesn't know me. I don't play at UB and she didn't steal my email. Thanks for asking.

  5. I admire your integrity and applaud your determination to stand firmly by your principles. Thank you for including me amongst the few fortunate ones you follow. I agree completely with you.

  6. Meh, I think, whatever your intentions, that you have merely aided the culture of personal destruction which, sadly, we've always been cursed with. As Chuang Tzu pointed out, "The tallest tree is the first to get cut down." I think it's a shame that non-Catholics don't recognize calumny and detraction for the uncivilized vices that they are. But, women are gossips, nuns are the worst, and eh, in this day and age, women lawyers are about the closest secular thing to all that. I think it's all been a shame though, especially now that Duke is out there swinging the axe with your encouragement. :(

  7. Jesus, how can you be a lawyer, play poker and still find the time and muse to agitate about other people's meaningless arguments. Why don't you just sue DN?

  8. Hey Pokerlawyer,

    You were right about the ladies event bracelet, I checked it out :-) Good thing you end this discussion now, I think that you made your point very well and continuing this discussion any longer will only result in repeating the same arguments and get more of the same reactions.
    Good luck grinding, although not on pokerstars I think? Did You already pick another site?

  9. Thanks, Edgar, that's kind of you to say. Good luck on your poker quest! I look forward to following your poker road on your blog (!

    Conan776, so are you saying what Negreanu said was sinful or a crime? I just thought it was disrespectful towards women. Because Negreanu's statements were public, I'm not sure that detraction applies (since I didn't reveal something about Negreanu previously unknown), but thanks for making my mother worry that I'm now going to hell.

    Anonymous 6:22, good point. But have you ever done legal work? Can be quite boring.

    Nils - I'm with you on ending this discussion now. Never in a million years imagined the outcome and I've sure learned a lot about the experience. Mainly how powerful the web is. Kind of scary, actually. As for where I'll be playing, I'm not sure yet. Maybe FullTilt. Do you play online? If so, what do site do you like (s'ok if it's PokerStars)?

  10. Hey Pokerlawyer,
    I do play online, about 95% of the time on Full Tilt and sometimes Pokerstars or Partypoker. I prefer the FullTilt software above other sites, know some nice players there, sometimes there are nice bonus actions and there are always enough games going on. The only negative thing about FullTilt is the customer support, they are very slow and their replies are often worthless.

    UB is still to shady for me and made to much mistakes in the past for me to ever play there. I also considered playing on a Cake network site, (probably Doyles Room, that also looks like a nice site to me) but after the recent security leak I decided not to start playing there for a while.

    Ooh, should you wish to open a FullTilt account, I think the best way is to download it from their website and not via some other side. I heard from a few people who did so in order to get some bonus or something, but now they don't receive rakeback at all.

    Gl grinding, when you are challenging Phil Ivey on FullTilt I will rail :-)


  11. Hi Nils, I'll be looking for you on FullTilt (I wish, with a BR big enough to take on! =)


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