Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Trevi Fountain, Italy

Y'all, I spent all weekend working on this super serious blog post about Chick-Fil-A. And then I fell asleep editing it. So...you're welcome for my not posting it. It kind of fit in with a Facebook rant I made about how we in America seem to be so quick to line up and define ourselves by issues. After traveling for a few weeks in Europe I was sad to see the same ol' same ol' spirit of division so prevalent upon my return to the States. Alas, it is an election season. So...what're you gonna do?

Me? I'm reading Stephen King's The Stand again for the umpteenth time. And imagining I'm either Stu or Frannie...and not Harold or Nadine or one of the poor saps who got the tube neck.

We're all just looking for our own Cibola, I suppose. Bumpity bumpity bump bump.

Maybe the key is recognizing that Cibola can be a state of mind. Sure, life seems more laid back and awesome on holiday in a beautiful part of the world. But the great thing is, you carry a piece of all the people and places and things you experience with you, always.

That's true whether your travels take you across continents or just to the grocery store and back.

I dig that.


  1. Yes, you didn't miss anything mindblowing happening here while you were away...at least mindblowing in a positive way. The Chick-Fil-A thing...I don't know...it's all kind of crazy...haven't eaten at one in probably over 20 years...and won't be heading back any time soon...I'd love to hear about your trip... ;)

  2. Chick-Fil-A...it's too bad SNL is on hiatus right now.

  3. I really liked the beginning of The Stand but I always thought that it came off the rails near the end. Of course it is thirty years since I read it so perhaps I should try it again and see if it reads differently as a much older person.


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