Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Contest and Contemplation

So CheckRaze, a site for poker enthusiasts, sent me a tweet the other day letting me know that my blog had been selected for teh votingz in a category they're calling - "Favorite Poker Blog."

That's so cool - thank you CheckRaze, and whatever crazy person(s) suggested this blog for your consideration. (The check is not in the mail. Bankroll management, people.)

Getting a nod for blogging made me contemplative. I went back and looked at those posts I liked the most and what some of these stat programs say have been read by you guys the most. Since I've never done a year-end review or a look-back in the (relatively short) time I've been writing here, I figured now might be a good time for some of that.'s what google statistics says are the top five posts from my blog since its inception on June 13, 2010:


"Renamed" b/c it was initially titled  "xx SEX xx" and that's the only reason it got so many hits. In this post, I was basically railing against sexism and misogyny in the poker industry. Pretty, sexy, hot, smart, strategic, cunning, and also good at poker, are not mutually exclusive concepts. Word.

An Open Letter to Daniel Negreanu


This whole interaction was interesting to me on many levels. 1 - as a fan (Daniel is one of the most entertaining figures in poker and he is the main reason I signed up for twitter (he was the first player I followed)), I couldn't believe one of the top ambassadors of the game was referring to another top ambassador in such an ugly manner. 2 - as a woman, I couldn't believe he'd used such a gross word. It reeked of misogyny (wow, I sense a pattern). 3 - as a person, I couldn't believe he was so reluctant to apologize, even if it was an unguarded moment caught on tape. Ultimately, he did quasi-kinda apologize "to women" in an interview with Kimberly Lansing, but his pride and hatred of Duke (which he squarely owns and seems quite proud of) kept him from apologizing to her. 4 - a lot of people dislike Duke and so that seemed to make the awful stuff he said ok (which kind of makes it worse, imo).

Daniel is a helluva poker player and his resolve to continually improve his game is admirable. What I like about Daniel is that he speaks his mind, but sometimes that seems to get him into trouble. I guess they don't still call him "kid" for nuthin'.

Artist: Margaret W. Tarrant

The Ivey Impact

Right before the WSOP last year, Phil Ivey touched off a firestorm by announcing on his FaceBook page that he would be foregoing the series and, ohbytheway, filing suit against Full Tilt Poker and his former business partners. Lots of people seemed to like this one, but it was really @Grange95 who got me thinking on it after he tweeted: "Ivey's lawsuit is 99.44% about Ivey's contract, non-compete clause, & funds on Full Tilt. Other players? Lip service." As true today as it was then.

Where's Nike? Where's Pepsi? Where's Apple?...indeed.

In which I bemoan the industry's inability to get its shit together on either the regulation front and/or the advertising/sponsorship front. But mainly - let's be honest - I was listening to Dennis Phillip and Paul Harris's Final Table Radio Show because Kara Scott was on. Just like the rest of y'all - don't lie. She and Paul Harris made some great points about product placement and advertising and viola...this post.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen - Vegas 2011 Photo Dump

One of my favorite posts of all time because a) photographic evidence that I got to meet the likes of Kara Scott, Jennifer Newell, Doyle Brunson, and my soul mate, AlCantHang, among so many awesome others; and, (b) Pauly commented and made my day.

What a damn fun time. Damn fun, I tell you.

My personal faves don't always deal with poker. Sometimes they deal with things like faith, loved ones, my passions, my problems, and the funny. Oh, and my parents. But of those that do have to do with poker, my faves are probably this, this, and this, and all of the Poker(Proust) Qs (Maria Ho, kevmath, Shane Schleger, and Kim Shannon).

You can vote, or not, as you're so inclined, at CheckRaze's site and this link here (to do so, you will have to sign in and give them your email address and I have no affiliation with them, for the record. Also - a "vote" is to comment, not necessarily to click on any of the links, it seems?). But if nothing else, I do hope you'll check out the really excellent blogs that are nominated, many of which are my personal faves (a few that I also follow that aren't on the list, but which totally should be and I encourage you to check out, are Stacey Nutini, Phil Galfond, pokergrump, and John Kim).

It really doesn't get much better than these folks:

Dan Michalski - Pokerati
Martin Harris - Hard-Boiled Poker
James Atkins - Atkinator
Matthew Pitt - Betfair Poker Blog
Pauly McGuire - Tao of Poker
Daleroxxu - Daleroxxu
James Guill - Pokerjunkie
Shane Schleger - Shaniaconline
Nathan Williams - BlackRain79

To include me in with the likes of these guys is, let's be honest, kinda head shaking. But I appreciate it. And I appreciate you all for reading here. Thanks, guys.

Over and out for now...


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