Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Balance Schmalance - I want to play online poker

My evolution to shark-dom is on hold...
Maybe it's because I've finally got some down time and baby girl's back in school. Maybe it was the nostalgia evoked from a tweet by @KaraOTR about the joys of sitting on the front porch and clicking buttons. Maybe I'm just a degen.

Whatever the case, I am feeling the void.

I miss my online poker.

I really hope I'm not losing whatever skillz I'd developed (if's debatable) up to the point it all came crashing down.




  1. All I can say is: ditto & I feel your pain.

  2. *Sigh*. I too feel your pain...and I feel MY pain...and I feel "stuck" once again.

    The one thing in my life that I felt passionate about, and now it's pretty much gone...

  3. We're all in the same boat. It's a yucky feeling, isn't it? =(

  4. : (

    It is interesting how humans beings always seem to take things for granted, when change is the mantra of the Universe. I have lost the hope in the short term, but thankfully I am often wrong.


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