Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vanessa Rousso

I don't have specifics about chip counts. I don't have specifics about the hands prior to that feature table. All I have is the image of a really nice stack sitting in front of a player who knows how to wield it and who's flopped a monster. Faced with a tough decision, this player runs the numbers, gets a count, and ranges her opponent (who she knows has made some incredibly sick bluffs in the previous hours of play). Does he have 9s? Ts? If so, why did he take so long to make that all-in shove? Is he on a draw? Did he really play 78 pre in that manner?

What a call.  What a freaking monster, ballsy, gutsy, pro call.

With that made hand on the flop, did you know she was a 72% favorite before the turn card came?

Within moments, after enduring a marathon of incredible poker day after day after day, she's hitting the rail. Shaken, yes, but composed, professional - grounded. And in the face of incredible disappointment, after a year of undeniable turmoil, she says this:
What a class act. Well done, Ms. Rousso.


  1. That hand broke my heart. I was praying for the board to pair....

    I figured he was on a draw, as it took him so long to decide to shove. What else could it be? If he had top or middle set, certainly he would have insta-shoved???

    Going from a million in chips to zero in less than 10 minutes...I felt like it was me walking away from that table...*sigh*

  2. The collective groan heard instinctively by all of us. Man...what a beat.

  3. While I had virtually the same hand with the same result a week ago, given the circumstances, it was an incredibly bad beat. I was mad heading to the rail in a $150 tourney. Her composure, especially in the exit interview, is part of what separates the pros from the amateurs. I haven't heard much about Chad recently. Hopefully he is doing well.

  4. Albus, I heard Chad is in remission from the cancer, which is great news for him. Yes, her behavior was certainly admirable.

  5. I wanted her to go far in this tournament. Wow, what a hand. I liked her attitude and enjoyed watching her play.


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