Saturday, April 23, 2011

If Brandi Carlile Played Poker

 It would sound really good.

And she'd feel so sad without it.  She'd probably fight back. With an umbrella, or something.

She might feel like falling the sweet sounds of the Seattle Symphony.

But she wouldn't.  She's too cool for that.  I just hope pokers comes back before Christmas.

Cause I ain't gettin' any younger...dangit.

What? This is what the DOJ has done to me.  Tears.



  1. Poker lawyer

    I have never heard of her .....I love it


  2. I'm seeing at least five sites still going in the U.S.
    Did not the site in question get busted for tricking the banks,? or the banks and the sites, hand in hand trick the system(fraud).?The same things they passed in the UIGEA bill?
    I didn't see where the got busted for playing online poker .
    I'm posting this questions on my blog , but on yours too.Because your a lawyer.
    If you have some answers I would love to hear them .I m going to post these questions on every Poker blog I can .Yours first , because I know your a lawyer

  3. Hi Stacks - hey I'm glad you liked the BC post. I really love her music.

    As to how these other sites remain open (like Bodog, Lock Poker, etc), my response is that arguably they are in the same boat as Tilt, Stars, UB with respect to the UIGEA. The DOJ, however, made its case against the big three.

    Many resources are reporting that it took a long time for the DOJ to garner its evidence (UIGEA was passed in 2006 and it took 5 years for these indictments to come down), so, for now anyway, the remaining sites are working for American players. All that said, they may be playing on borrowed time.

  4. Thanks for the response
    You being a lawyer , I could be wrong. As I understand the UIGEA law that was passed it that the banks can not process the money's coming from these sites, not for the act of playing poker . The charges are related to bank frauds as I can read .
    Am I wrong?

  5. I would check this out, Stacks. There's definitely a risk, but, if you want to play these are pretty much your options.  And poker is all about a little risk, no? =)  Good luck. 

  6. Hey there, PokerLawyer - So sorry all this happened just as you were getting on a good roll! Thought you might be interested in this article on Huffpost about how poker can save the world. Hang in there, sister!

  7. Ah...Thank you MYOP! Would that regulation would happen, like, NOW! How have you been?

  8. Doing well, thanks - Up for the year, which is always a nice place to be! I'm lucky enough to live close to casinos in the LA area, so live poker is an easy option. Hope for your sake that online poker for $$ comes back soon. But hey - your ma still has her 37 zillion fake chips, so that's worth something, right?

    Keep on keeping on - I love your blog!

  9. Hey, just now seeing your comment MYOP! Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, Mom still has her 37 zillion fake chips...fat lot a good it does either of us. Dammit. ;-)

    How are you these days?


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