Monday, February 21, 2011

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

My grinding pad
"Plan your work and work your plan" is a motto my grandfather lived by.  It helped me through law school, it helped me during nearly a decade of law firm life, and it helped me start and succeed at creating and building my own solo practice.  I figure if it worked in those arenas, it will work in poker. 

So, I've got my grinding station set up and I've got my games scheduled. I'll be playing Monday through Wednesday, beginning at 8:00am, and again on Sundays.  Every other week I hope to get in a live local game, and once a month (or every other month as my schedule and bankroll allows), I hope to travel to Vegas to play several cheaper buy-in tourneys.  My current bankroll is still $3000.  I hold some of that in the bank and some of it across three sites: Bodog, PokerStars, and FullTilt.

During the week (Monday through Wednesday), I'll play a maximum of 20 tournaments a day at a cost of $185.30 per day.  I reviewed each site I play on and have the games calendared by start time, type, and buy-in.  All of the tournaments are the micro/low MTT buy-in stakes (with only two $2.20 rebuys in the mix, not to exceed an $11 total buy-in per game), to be played over the three sites I mentioned above.  I begin at 8:00 and my last buy-in of the day is 1:30.

Thursdays and Fridays, depending on my work schedule, are study and review days. I'm also still very much working on my cash game and if I have no luck for the day in tourneys, I put in some time there.  I'm generally playing .10/.25 FR, but I've begun adding in some 6-handed, and some higher buy-ins.  As of yet, I'm not multi-tabling more than three cash games at a time.

I'll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, good luck at the tables.

My tools

My poker library


  1. I could say "You go girl". Darn, I really miss playing online. I wish there was a way I could get something set up in a different state. I would have to move. I would then need to find a job for my wife and we would leave 5 grandkids behind. Not going to happen. Work hard and you will make it. Keep us informed on your progress.

  2. Give 'em hell, toots! I'm in your corner, waving my pom poms! Wait. Um.... yeah - that sounds right. ;) Kill it!!!

  3. Nice setup. Your library looks like mine. I am working on my live play calendar. I will be backing off of Tournament play and try to do more live cash games. Go get'em.


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