Friday, February 11, 2011


So my mom tweeted me this morning that she'd finally tried her hand at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.  She and Dad have been holed up in a New Mexico snow storm for the past two weeks, so what better use of your time than to dig yourself out of the cabin, put on your snowshoes and your mink, and trek to the 'sino to play against a bunch of restless regulars just waiting to take your money?  What could go wrong, right?  Well, here's what poker did to my mom:


Fortunately, there's hope:

All I know is, I come by it natural.

As for my own daughter's inheritance...not looking so good, as I have lost $250 of my bankroll since my last post.  I'm trying to incorporate what I learned in my recent training, but I really need to work on it.  Plus, I've not been analyzing my play before and after sessions.  So, me and old catfood lady may be shacking up soon.

Damn you, pokers.  Damn you. 



  1. Well, I've been to Mass, I feel a lot better. But I'm thinking I KNOW I could win it back. Pops won't give me any more money, but they really do have a neat pawn shop here, and I haz diamonds!! Mom xoxo

  2. Other than the fact that you have no inheritance and your mother is truly penniless, that post is very funny. I will pray for you and all degenerates. Love, PawPaw

  3. Mom - I told Rams that you lost all your money and she said that you could do a lemonade stand. She said she'd help. Good luck!

  4. $250.00 loss???? Should I cancel my class?????

  5. I wish I could say it warn't so, Terry, but yep, $250.00 loss. We should go over hands. Seriously. I know it would help my for you canceling the class, only you can decide. It's not a magic bullet or anything, but I know you know that.

  6. Wheee! Well, after last night, we're back up (ok, just $183 dollars, but still!). =)

  7. Good job. Stay positive and don't give up. I played Friday and lasted 3 hands. I know better and will try again today. My bankroll needs some help as well. My stock capital is growing so that is a plus.


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