Saturday, April 16, 2011

Call to Action

I'm claiming yesterday as Poker's Stonewall and believe it should serve as the industry's impetus for change. If the Tea and Coffee Parties can do it and the LGBT community can do it (Prop 8, Don't Ask, Don't Tell), then we can do it, too.

For that reason, I'm sending out a Call to Action, even though I really don't know where to begin.  Here are some sites that discuss forming grassroot movements: a TED link here and a different link here.

With so much rampant speculation out there, the only thing I think is absolutely crystal clear is that the poker community must come together in such a way as to force law makers to address the issues that are thwarting our goals. The only way to do that is to: be unified on what those issues are, be unified on addressing them, and then by support (from the entire community) through word, deed and dollar be unified in the follow-through to get our goals achieved.

The only resource I know of for the poker community is the PPA. With that said, my first call of action to you is that if you're reading this, COMMENT (and this is not a shameless plea for readers or comments). No, it's a plea for you, as a part of this community to, COMMENT and share your thoughts about what YOU think are the issues that need to be addressed and how you think we can address them? Every grassroots organization starts somewhere and people need to get involved! If nothing else, and the PPA is the entity on which we need to be focusing our efforts, then great, let's do it.

If this is the wrong place to holler out a Call to Action, then I guess please feel free to share your thoughts on the best ways to get involved.  Because this staring at Twitter all day is driving me crazy.  Thank you.

EDIT - and the PPA speaks, via Bluff Magazine. Get involved!

ps - I'm never explicitly asking for comments again because no one does =)


  1. I don't know, I'm still thinking. But I hear ya....

  2. Not sure how to get involved and get something going but it has to start from somewhere. I would think the PPA would be the most logical place to start.

  3. Im still playing on Cake poker
    It might be the only one left , but for how long ?
    Love your blog , nice job!!!!
    Great post

  4. Hey also , to help,being the lawyer.
    Maybe a post of some of the new movements you hear of on your website as you get news of them.
    Going to add myself as a follower on your blog. I will make your blog ground zero for legal stuff about whats going on .

  5. I am watching this whole saga closely. I don't know what the next step should be for players, but some kind of mass action is needed - there are enough players out there to make an impact. I am just not sure how.

  6. I'd like to read your thoughts on the legality situation from the actions taken on Friday by the Feds. We've discussed it to some extent on twitter, but you requested that I come here. I couldn't yesterday because I was at the horse track.

  7. Thanks for commenting guys, I'll do my best to try to link to and post things that will hopefully be informative and helpful.

    Arkansas Atty, appreciate you reading but let's not fight or even try to debate semantics. I think good attorneys can probably find solid footing on both sides of this argument and so what point is there in debating that, right? You're right, I did point you here to discuss it but maybe I'm just tired...


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