Saturday, August 21, 2010


My Ballot Box

Are you a male?

Are you a person of color?

Do you have a mother?

Do you have a wife, girlfriend?

Do you have a daughter?

Are you really any good at poker or do you kid yourself after every redeposit?

Do you have a social life or do you spend all your time online?

Do you think it's offensive to refer to a woman as a cunt?

Do you think it's offensive to use the "n" word?

Do you love your fellow man/woman?

Do you regularly read actual books (hardcopy, Kindle iPad or otherwise)?

Do you play poker?

Are you any good at poker?

Have you won a WSOP bracelet?

Why in the hell are you answering this poll?

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  1. If it makes you feel better, Daniel has now explained (~@2:45f) that he thought what he said was off the record and has apologized to all of womankind.

  2. hilarious .. so while you're emailing poker stars demanding whatever because of a comment one of their pros directed at someone else, ever stop to consider the possible repercussions to yourself?
    like say daniel negreanu decided to take your comments and actions personally and contacted your state bar? you've admited in a public forum that you're violating UIGEA .. isn't that grounds for for disbarment?

  3. Right, here's my bar picture (see avatar) and my bar number is: 1800IJustHadAnOpinion.


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